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How to get High Quality Backlinks and Increase Blog Traffic

Avid Blogger, have you recently checked on your Domain Authority? If it is anything below 30, your Google Rankings will be bad. This is because if you rank on Google’s first page for a particular keyword today, some big guys with 80 DA will gradually push you out. Also, have you heard of WP Backlink Machine, and the role it has to play in your Blog Ranking? If you haven’t, I’ll tell you exactly what to do in subsequent paragraphs to improve your Blog Ranking on Google.

If you are a Visual Learner, watch this Video.

In case you do not know me, I am Iboro William. I have been into Blogging for more than 5 years now, and I have made tangible earnings from Blogging. View my picture below. I’m the one in stripped shirt. The Lady on the right was my Colleague in University of Uyo during my Undergraduate Programme.

Last month, I opened a new Data Portal, Load2Earn.com and made it to Google’s First Page for my chosen Keywords in less than 7 days using the same technique I will show you shortly.
View the screenshot of my Ranking on Google in the Screenshot below:

There is no magic about Ranking on Google; it’s either you do the right thing, or get kicked out. Now, let me show you exactly how I self-paddle my Websites’ Ranking.

Do you remember I once told you that content is key?
Yes, that still remains true. For your Blog to rank well on Search Engines, you need high quality and original articles. Learn how to write high quality articles here.

Once your Blog has high quality and original articles, you will gradually start to rank on Google for your chosen keywords.

After ranking on Google, what next?

Do you know that seniority is seniority even in the moon? If you rank on Google for a particular keyword, but with low Domain Authority, say, below 30, then a Big Ben with high Domain Authority targets the same keyword you wrote on, you will be pushed out of the queue immediately. If care is not taken, you might not find a spot on Google’s first page again. The truth is, with a low DA, your site ranking will not be meaningful at all.

But, what if there was a system that helps increase your Domain Authority on Auto Pilot?

This is one sure way of increasing Domain Authority. Backlinks.

More Backlinks = Increased Domain Authority.

WP Backlink Machine Price for early birds is $14.95

WP Backlink Machine

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are simply the link of your Blog that appears on another Blog. You know, as much as I do, that having someone mention your Blog on his Blog or Website is difficult. The traditional practice is to leave your link in the comment section on another Blog. But tell me, how many (approved) Blog comments can you leave on other Blogs in a day to gain the 100k Backlinks the big boys will woo you with?

This is practically difficult.

There is a proven Solution that fetches you the Backlink. WP Backlink Machine.

WP Backlink Machine is a WordPress Plugin that you install on your Blog, and configure it to automatically fetch you Backlinks from High Authority sites.

With this plugin, you can proudly say bye bye to Manual Work. Once installed, sit back and watch your Blog grow.

Just to know, this plugin is not free, but comes with 30 days money back guarantee. This means that if you are dissatisfied with the plugin, you can have your money refunded provided you file the complaint within 30 days of purchase.

WP Backlink Machine Price for early birds is $14.95

WP Backlink Machine

It is legit and it is working. You can’t keep crawling, start flying!

Earn great Prizes every week on Load2Earn

It is here again, and it is super impressive than ever!

At inception, we promised you 1.5% Cashback on all Data Purchases from our Portal, the promise has been kept, and we will do same as long as we exist.

Today, we announce our #Load2Win Promo.

Top-up your Load2Earn Wallet with N20,000 upward and automatically win any of these items:

  • USB Led Lamp
  • Rechargeable Hand Fan
  • Solar Power Bank
  • itel K7
  • Bedside Refrigerator
  • 1.5KVA Sumec Generator
  • 32″ LED Television

When you top-up your Load2Earn.com Wallet with an amount not less than N20,000, our system automatically spins to determine your prize based on the Amount in your Wallet. The higher your Wallet Balance, the higher the price value of your won item.

We do not touch your Wallet Balance, and you can use it to Buy Data Bundles on our Portal, or sell it to other Load2Earn Users.

This Promo runs from April 15 to July 31, 2019.

Winnings will be determined every Friday (weekly) throughout the period of this promo. This simply means you can partake in the promo every week till July 31.

There is no debate about this. Once our system detects N20,000 or more in your Load2Earn Wallet, a member of our Support Team will call you so you can pickup your prize.

Registration on Load2Earn.com is 100% FREE forever. Hurry now to start taking home an item every week!

Top-Up your Wallet Now!

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Regards from all of us at Load2Earn.com.


How to Receive Money from any Country of the World for free

Hey Money Bee!

When last did you offer a service online and wish you were never born in Nigeria? Your answer might be little different from my own. Before now, it was practically difficult to get paid by people who reside outside Nigeria. I once had a Client in Philippines who told me there was no way she could send me Money from Philippines because they had no supported means in their Country where Money could be sent sent to Nigeria apart from PayPal. We finally agreed to go by PayPal, but the woeful limitation placed on Nigerians by PayPal frustrated the effort.

Because I needed to get the money, not just from her, but people in other parts of the World who might have similar difficulty making International Payments without any heavy charge, I discovered this sleek babe; Flutterwave.

Just to know: Registration on Flutterwave is free, but if you use the link I provide on this page to open your free account, I will send you a free eBook on how to generate more money with your free Flutterwave Account. After registering, send a mail to Info@Iborowilliam.org, and I will send your free eBook.

Now lets begin…

What is Flutterwave?

Flutterwave is a Payments Settlement System founded by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola in 2014. They serve as Mediator between you and your Client by making it easy for your Client to pay you, while they automatically send the received money (in any kind of currency) to your Local Bank Account. Majorly, if you receive Payment in any currency other than the currency of your Country, they will automatically convert the Money to your default currency and send it to your Bank Account.

For example, if you are in Nigeria, and you have a Client who is based in Ghana, your client will possibly pay you using their default currency which is Ghanian Cedis. To receive this payment, you need to do nothing from your ends; Flutterwave will receive the money via their Payment Gateway, convert it, and send to your Nigerian Bank Account without any heavy charge. Registration on Flutterwave is free.

How to get Started

Go here, select “As an Individual“, fill the registration form then click “Create Account” On the next screen, verify your Account by providing the Account Details to which your received monies will be sent.

Boom! You are ready to receive payments from people all over the world!

Just before you exit this page…

I acknowledge the fact that you are now ready to receive money from anybody around the Globe, but here is a little more of what you need to know…

How to setup your Account and Receive Money on Flutterwave

Let me assume that you are a Basic User without an online store, and your aim is just to receive money from your Uncle who is in South Africa. This is what you have to do:

  1.  Login to flutterwave, navigate to “Payment Links“> “Create Payment Link“.
  2. Select Payment Type; Single Charge or Recurring. Use Single Charge if you do not want to charge the Payer again at a Specified Period (that is, one time payment). Select Recurring Charge if you want to keep charging your Payer after specified Periods. In this example, we will use “Single Charge“.
  3. Set your Link Name. This can be anything, for example, “My Main Payment Form”. Set the amount you want to receive, write a little description for the payment form such as “School Fees for Second Semester (300 Level)”, set a custom payment link which will look like https://rave.flutterwave.com/pay/yourname. You can replace your name with anything such as “school-fees”. Follow the the onscreen Instruction to complete the form, then click “Create Link“.
  4. Your Payment form will now appear on your Dashboard. Click “Copy Link” to copy the link to the payment form which should look like this https://rave.flutterwave.com/pay/school-fees.
  5. Send the copied link to the person you want to receive payment from.

Before we continue, take few seconds to share this post on Twitter. Just click the “tweet” button, and the system will take care of the rest.
Hi Friends, I have discovered a way of receiving Money from any Country of the world for free. Check the link below Click To Tweet

Once you receive a new payment, flutterwave will automatically notify you through email, and send the money the next day to your Bank Account.

There are other methods of receiving money for advanced users which include the use of Barcode, Sales Page, Plugin for Online Stores, and APIs.

Remember, Registration on Flutterwave is free, but if you use the link I provide on this page to open your free account, I will send you a free eBook on how to generate more money with your free Flutterwave Account. After registering, send a mail to Info@Iborowilliam.org, and I will send your free eBook.

Congratulations on your New Global Payment Gateway!

Why I paused Activities on mekamall.com, and how I now receive multiple Credit Alerts Daily

If you haven’t followed my activities lately, you are definitely surprise to hear this.

Many have asked “Why pause activities on a Portal that made you steady extra income?”

Mekamall.com, an Online Store came onboard in the wake of 2017, and has thereafter continued to live. Just like any “manual labour”, the stress of running mekamall.com was exhausting despite working as a team.

We built our income stream and ensured the alerts kept coming, but there was a problem. Manual Labour was our only bait for continuous alert.

So I thought to myself if there are ways one can keep receiving steady Bank Alerts even when he is sleeping. I did a lot of research online, and kept bumping on the same recycled junks; from ponzi schemes to spam survey sites. The better option was referral program that pays only once, but who has that time?In my endless search for a legit means of earning steady cash from the internet without doing any manual labour, I discovered top secrets Mark Zuckerberg would never spill out. If you’re okay with your current income level, good; stop here, then exit your browser. But if you desire to earn steady passive income from the internet without doing any manual labour, keep reading.

As much as there is no defined order in knowledge, I won’t attach any order to the ideas I will share below; they can come in any form – ascending or descending. Most of the ideas I will share do not need any startup capital. You can begin with ZERO INVESTMENT.

Just before I continue, it’s important you know who’s addressing you. I’m Iboro William, founder of Load2Earn.com, Nigeria’s #1 Passive Income Portal. I have made hundreds of thousands of Naira from the internet legitimately, and I will be sharing some of the things I know as we progress. View my picture below:..

Here are some evidence of my earnings from the Internet:

Now let’s get started.

First, I will guide you through and help you become a successful Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate Marketing is a situation where you register with a company, promote their products or services, and get paid a certain commission when sales are made. You would notice that as a conventional affiliate marketer, if you do not make sales, you don’t get paid. Even when you succeed to make a sale, the company pays you just once.

Isn’t it insane that you have to sweat and make sales for a company only to be paid once and that ends the story?

Instead of making you a Conventional Affiliate Marketer, I will make you a Smart Affiliate Marketer. A Smart Affiliate Marketer keeps earning commissions for a lifetime once he or she is able to make one conversion. This means that once you are able to recommend a product or service to someone and the person declares interest even without buying anything or paying for a service, you will earn from that person if he or she peradventure makes a purchase of that product even in 20 years time to come. The beauty of being a Smart Affiliate Marketer is that the commissions do not stop coming. You keep receiving Bank Alerts as long as the people you referred live.

It’s just like taking a Male and Female Nigerian Goat to the US, and getting paid by the US Government for every new Nigerian Goat that is given birth to in the United States of America. Isn’t that crazy? It’s cool, right?

Take a look at some of my earnings for the Month of April and May:

The truth is, I am a Smart Affiliate Marketer, and I will make you become one in matter of minutes. Just keep reading.

Let’s get started on the #1 Recommended Opportunity.

To begin, you need a FREE Load2Earn Account. Signup here: https://load2earn.com/register, then keep reading. Registration takes less than 40 seconds to complete.

Ordinarily, you would think that the only thing that is done on Load2Earn.com is to buy Data, but you’re wrong. Load2Earn is a Passive Income Portal. You get paid for everything you do on the Portal. After getting your FREE Load2Earn.com Account, Navigate to Affiliates Dashboard. This is where all your affiliate activities are recorded. You can see how much you have earned already, or generate your Affiliate Link to start earning.

To get your affiliate link, navigate to Generate Link, you will see your affiliate referral link in the next screen. Traditionally, people just pick their affiliate link and dump on their facebook timeline without being proactive about the promotion; this is a bad practice. The best way to promote your affiliate link is through personal chats and words of mouth.

Since registration on Load2Earn.com is free, you can simply collect your target’s email address, use your phone and register them through your referral link. Even if they don’t make any purchase immediately, any day they make any purchase on Load2Earn in the future, you will earn from all their purchases for a lifetime.

Let’s assume you registered Moses, then Moses remains inactive on the portal for a long time. One day, Moses remembers, or hears again of Load2Earn, and decides to try out. When he makes a purchase, you will earn 1.5% Cash Value of all his purchases forever. This means you can receive Multiple Bank Alerts everyday as long as Moses keeps buying. Isn’t this beautiful?

As a Smart Affiliate on Load2Earn.com, you can withdraw your money to your Nigerian Bank Account once you earn up to N500, but you may decide to have your earnings accumulate to any amount you want before requesting for withdrawal.

Remember, registration is 100% FREE.

The second idea I will share with you in this article is on how to become a Data Reseller and earn huge income everyday. Nowadays, data is life. Imagine owning an Android Phone without Data, you would probably be using such phone for Selfies, music and videos which renders it utterly useless.

My strong love for Data Reselling is made bare because Data is like Garri. Advert or no advert, once people know you sell Data, they will always call you for patronage.

Let’s begin straight…

To become a Data Reseller, all you need is a Phone that can access the internet, and a Reseller Account on Load2Earn. With a Reseller Account on Load2Earn.com, you will be able to buy all Data Bundles for the four major networks in Nigeria at Wholesale Prices, and resell to your Customers at your own Price.

For example, MTN 5GB is sold at about N2,700 to N2,800, but as a Reseller on Load2Earn, you will be able to buy it at N2,500 and sell at any price you decide to your Customers. To get a Reseller Account on Load2Earn, you pay N2,500 per annum to have your Account Activated, then you start making enough money right from your Bedroom! Learn more about the Load2Earn Reseller Package here: https://load2earn.com/reseller.

I will have to stop here for this week. I will share more opportunities with you in the coming weeks. If you need to speak with me personally, kindly send a mail to Info@Iborowilliam.org, and I will respond accordingly.

Make sure you implement any of my recommended opportunities. Start earning!


Where to buy Cheap SME Data Bundles in Nigeria

If you have ever wondered about the possible way of buying Cheap SME Data Bundles in Nigeria from the right source at affordable price, read this to the end.You must understand that SME Data is far more cheaper than Regular Subscription you do directly with your network. Some may wonder how possible this is.

This is how it works…

There are some multimillion companies interested in SME Data Resell. These companies have struck a deal with major Telecom Companies, and have secured the right to resell their Data Bundles at a Cheaper rate. One of such Companies is Load2Earn.com.

Though you will see a lot of companies on Google doing the same business, it is important you spot a company that does not only sale the Data Bundles at Cheap Prices, but offer 24 hours Dedicated Customer Service. Some companies are only interested in sales without trying to resolve customers’ problems. Just to know, you may encounter certain challenges while trying to fund your Data Wallet, Buy Data, or even resell the Data Bundle to others. Some common challenges may include, debit upon failed transaction, failure to deliver data to customer, malfunctioning website, or any other issue that needs the assistance of the Data Company.

Experience at Load2Earn is worth talking about. Even amidst the Cheap Data Bundles/Airtime, and 1.5% Cashback on all purchases, they also offer amazing Customer Support via Text, Phone Call, WhatsApp, Peer to Peer Messaging on the portal, and Facebook Page. Members of their Support Team are well-cultured.

Apart from buying Data for personal use or Reselling to others, there are about 5 more ways of earning money on the website even without making any purchase. As you Register, you will get N50 Registration Bonus Instantly. When you Login daily, you get N5 Login Bonus. If you are able to Refer other people to Register on the Website, you will earn 1.5% Cash Value of all their purchases for life. This means that you earn from people you refer forever!

Registration is 100% FREE and takes less than a minute to complete.

Register now and earn money right away even without making any purchase – https://Load2Earn.com/register