How to Open WebMoney Account in Nigeria and Withdraw Funds to Nigerian Bank Account – Complete Guide

WebMoney is an online payment settlement system. When you pick-up tasks or referral jobs on the internet, mostly from Companies outside Nigeria, Wire Transfer to local Bank Accounts in Nigeria isn’t always supported. Hence, you need an e-wallet. So, this article will teach you how to open webmoney account in Nigeria with practical illustrations.

Just like PayPal and other big fishes in the industry, WebMoney has built its reputation since 1998 with consistent e-currency transactions. Let’s assume you’re running CPA Campaigns for Shorte, you need either a WebMoney Wallet, PayPal Account, or Payoneer Account to withdraw your funds. At the end of this guide, I’ll show you how to withdraw money from WebMoney Wallet and have it sent to your Nigerian Bank Account directly. Let’s get started!

How to Setup WebMoney Account in Nigeria

1. Go to Playstore, Download WebMoney Keeper.

2. After installation, launch the App and Click on “Sign up!” at the bottom of the screen.

3. On the next screen, select your country if the app has not done that automatically already. Input your phone number without the preceding zero. For example, if your phone number is 08021234567, input 8021234567 then click on “next”.

4. Type the anti-spam code as shown on the screen and click “next”.

5. You will receive a confirmation code in your specified Phone Number. The code may take up to one minute to arrive your phone. Input the code in the provided box and click “next”.

6. Create your desired password, confirm the password by typing again in the next box. Tick the Legal Agreement Box to accept (though it is not written in English), then click “next”.

7. On the next screen, set a 4-digit pin and click “next”. Though this option is optional, but I recommend you set the pin to add extra security layer to your e-wallet.

8. At this point, you’re almost done, but you must create your WebMoney Dollar Wallet to be able to receive fund. This is simple. You will be prompted to create your first wallet – accept the prompt, then click on “WMZ – equivalent of USD”, click OK to accept their rules.

Hulalal! Your fresh WebMoney e-wallet is ready and you can start receiving your payments from International Companies. To locate your Purse ID which serves as your account number, click the WMZ Logo; this should normally start with “Z”. Give this number to any company or Merchant that wants to send you money.

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Now that you have successfully setup your WebMoney Wallet, next consideration should be how to withdraw your Money to your Nigerian Bank Account.

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How to Transfer Money from WebMoney Purse to Nigerian Bank Account

To transfer your Money from WebMoney Purse to Nigerian Bank Account, you need an Exchanger, as there is no direct way of doing this. An exchanger is someone or a company that buys your WebMoney Cash, and send the equivalent amount to your Nigerian Bank Account.

You can find so many exchangers by using Google search, but I warn you to carefully read reviews about a particular company before using their services. For example, if you have found an exchanger called XYZ, try searches like “Is XYZ legit, XYZ scam alert, XYZ reviews” etc. This will give you deeper insight so you won’t send your WebMoney to fraudsters and wait for Bank Alert till eternity.

Nigeria Gold Exchange had been a great and reliable choice until the recent malfunctioning of their system – you should check for yourself if the system has been fixed.

No matter the exchanger you use, the procedure to withdraw your WebMoney Fund is almost the same. First, you need to register with your chosen exchanger by providing your basic sciences, WebMoney Purse ID, and your Nigerian Bank Account Details. Then, specify how much WebMoney Dollar you wish to sell, the exchanger will then give you their WebMoney Purse ID where you should transfer the WebMoney Dollars to. Upon receipt of the transfer, the exchanger will Credit your Nigerian Bank Account with equivalent amount.

Always check-up current exchange rates on your exchanger’s website for guidance.

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