How to Monetize your Online Presence – Free Business Quote; Paid Name Suggestion and Logo Design

This is how I missed N40,000 Contract at the age of 19. By then, I wasn’t so fluent with Web Design, but the basic knowledge I had was enough to customize an existing Blog/Website Running on WordPress.

A client called me up that evening, and I made it to his office. On reaching, Smart looked surprise, so he asked again to be sure, “Are you Iboro?”. I smiled and had a seat. Smart had expected someone huge with a protruding tommy.

He made a request for existing Blogs designed by me, so I showed him my Personal Website. He was in love with the concept I used on my Website, and promised me he’ll arrange for a meeting with his Boss so I can give a fresh touch to their existing WordPress site. His company needed a new custom theme, and they laid out specifications for the theme.

I was told to name my price before leaving, so I told him N45,000; he bargained N40,000, and I responded “cool”. Next thing I expected was a Credit Alert since he had my account number.

Next morning, Smart woke me from sleep with a call, just to announce that “His Boss doesn’t like the Logo on my Website, and can’t hire me”. This seemed like some kind of movie to me after budgeting how N40,000 will be used during and after the contract.

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My day went “red”.

I couldn’t help but to stare at the poorly designed Logo I made using a Photo Editor in my Android Phone. “40k just flew away because of going economical; I should have hired a Pro” kept running in my mind. Howbeit, I overcame this feelings hours later with the believe that bad things happen the same way good things happen. The most important lesson I learnt was never to underrate the power of “Branding“.

If you live in the temple without any hope of promoting your self, products, or services online, you can exit this page. But if you have a unique identity or brand to promote online, be sure you read this piece to the last line.

The recommendations below will not cover all it takes for your business or brand to grow, but it will definitely give you a conventional acceptability standard that your clients will like.

Remember, if you do not have a client that likes your product, there will be no patronage. Without patronage, there will be no profit.

Recommendation #5

Get a name that fits your Brand: If you own a paper processing company, and your business name is “Agrolite Corporations“, your company is already confusing a lot of people. Since “Agro” has to do with Agriculture, it’s totally insane to name a Paper Processing Company “Agrolite…”.

A name that tells more of what your business is all about should be considered when naming your business. This site, is a Passive Income Portal, and the name alone gives a very obvious suggestion of what is done on the portal. Get a clean name suggestion that meets CAC Standards here.

Recommendation #4

Get a Clean Logo: If you offer paid services, awful Logos and Banners can push clients away. You can’t do it with Photo Editor, you can’t do it with Cymera. Get a Pro Logo Designer. Some Pro Guys charge as low as $5 to get your Company sleek logos and Banners. I know a Badass Logo Designer who can even give you free Samples – You don’t need to pay for the Samples.

Get your free Sample Logos and Banners now.

Sample Logo from my Badass Graphics Designer Sample Logo 2 From my Badass Graphics Designer

Recommendation #3

Get a Facebook Page: Setting up a Facebook Page is free. Without a page, sending out official notice to your customers might be difficult. You can’t send an Instant Message to all your Customers, especially if they are many. With a well managed and branded facebook page, you will be able to send out promo updates, special discounts, product arrival notifications, and any other important system update.

No matter what the nature of your Business is, you need an official medium of reaching out to your Customers, and facebook page is a great choice. Properly using a facebook page will definitely boost your income flow.

If you need help setting up and managing your facebook page correctly, hire a Social Media Manager now for as low as N5,000.

Recommendation #2

Build an email list: Never make the mistake of buying an email list. If you do, you will end up sending mails to people who are not interested in your products or services, and they will send you to the spam folder in one click!

Signup with an ESP like Mailchimp and build your email list from scratch.

Once you start having subscribers to your list, you can setup automated email messages for every new subscriber that joins and drive your sales, thereby generating more revenue for your Business. Learn more about Email List Building here.

Recommendation #1

Get a Website: This one is simple to appreciate. Without a website, your business is dead online. Case closed.

Use a free Website Builder here and setup your Website in less than 10 minutes without any coding knowledge.

With a business Website, you will be able to showcase your product to any one in any part of the world, people will get to learn about your business without asking you too much questions, people will buy your products without coming to your office. The list is endless.

If you find it difficult to implement any of these recommendations, send a mail to, and I will respond accordingly.

Remember, to monetize your online presence, you must first of all get a brand or business name, Get a Professional Logo (Almost Free), Get a facebook page, build an email list, then get a website without paying design cost.

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