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This section contains the most Frequent Questions we receive on daily basis from members and prospective members of Load2Earn. Go through it; you might be a click away from getting the answer(s) to your question(s).

Load2Earn is a powerful combo Platform for Cheap MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile Data Bundles and Passive Income Tools. By this, we mean that as people use our Platform to Buy Data Bundles, we provide them with tools to earn money into their Load2Earn Wallet.

There are five earning pools at the moment. First, when you register as a member of Load2Earn, your wallet is automatically credited. When you log-in daily, your wallet is automatically credited. When you review a product, your wallet is automatically credited. When your friends Buy Data using your Referral Link, you earn. Even when you buy a Data Bundle, your wallet is also automatically credited. Visit this page for more information on earnings.

Visit this page to Register. Registration is FREE, and takes less than 30 Seconds to complete.

At the moment, we have MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile Data Bundles in stock. Visit this page to see available bundles and prices.

You earn 1.5% cash worth of your purchased Data. Visit this page for more information on earnings.

Yes. Register as an Affiliate to begin.

When your friends buy any of our Data Bundles using your Referral Link, you earn 1.5% cash value of their purchased Bundle automatically when their purchase is confirmed.
Also, their account will be placed under you by the system so you earn a continuous 1.20% cash value of all their purchases! As long as they keep buying, you will keep receiving credit alert.

Yes. They earn 1.5% Continuous Cashback and N5 Daily Login Bonus provided they have an account with Load2Earn.

Earned Monies from Registration, Daily Login, 1.5% Cashback, and Product Review are automatically credited to your Wallet.All affiliate earnings reflect in your Affiliate Dashboard automatically.


Yes. You will need the email address they use on Load2Earn to transfer Wallet fund to them. Visit your account page, navigate to my wallet>wallet transfer, then input their email address, amount of money you want to sell, and the reason for the transfer.

Earnings that appear on your Affiliate Dashboard (Affiliate Earnings) are due for Withdrawal to your Nigerian Bank Account. Normally, payments are processed within 24 hours when you make a Withdrawal Request.

To make a Withdrawal Request, navigate to My Account> Affiliate Dashboard> Withdraw.

Select the date range for the earning you want to withdraw. Input your active email address and click Request Withdrawal.

Only make a Withdrawal Request when your Affiliate Balance is up to N500, else, your request will not be processed.

Here are some of the ways you can convert your Wallet Balance to real money:

  1. Sell Wallet Balance to other Load2Earn Users.
  2. Use your Wallet Money to buy Data Bundles for people and get paid.
  3. Use your Wallet Money to buy Data for yourself.

Normally, your Affiliate Earnings are sent to your Bank Account once it is up to N1,000.If you wish to Buy Data Bundles with your Affiliate Earnings, Inform our Support Staff on WhatsApp. Our support Staff will credit your Wallet with money, then deduct equivalent amount from your Affiliate Earning.

Three ways are available:

Automatic Crediting

  • Use your Debit (ATM) Card to fund your Wallet and have your Wallet Credited Instantly. Visit your account page, navigate to my wallet>wallet topup, specify your needed Wallet amount and proceed to Payment Page.¬†Payment via the Debit/Credit Card option attracts 2% Gateway Charge.

Manual Crediting

  • Buy Wallet fund from other Load2Earn Members.
  • Deposit equivalent amount you want in your Wallet into our Approved Bank Account and have your Wallet funded by our Support Staff.

No. Your Load2Earn Wallet Fund is yours; even if you do not use it, it will be there for life.

Visit your account page, navigate to my wallet, transactions. There, all your transaction records will be listed.

We use Comodo Website Security to protect our system and information supplied by you. Your Card details are safe, and hidden from hackers.

After Registering on Load2Earn, you automatically become a Customer, not an Affiliate. To get your Affiliate Referral Link, you must enrol in our “Refer and Earn” Programme. Your application to become an Affiliate will be reviewed and either approved or disapproved; this process takes less than a day. If it is approved, you will be assigned a unique Referral ID which can be seen on your Affiliate Dashboard; from your Dashboard, navigate to “Generate Link“.
Load2Earn Affiliate Programme

To fund your wallet, kindly navigate to your account Dashboard > My Wallet > Wallet Topup. Here is the direct link: Enter your desired amount and click “add“.

On the next page, select your payment method. Two methods are available at the moment; Direct Bank Transfer and Debit/Credit Card Option. If you choose Direct Bank Transfer, you will be required to pay equivalent amount you need in your wallet into our Bank Account that is displayed when you click “Place Order”.

Once your payment is confirmed, our support staff will credit your wallet with equivalent amount.

If you choose the Debit/Credit Card method, your Wallet will be automatically Credited once you effect payment with your Debit (ATM) Card. Payment via the Debit/Credit Card option attracts 2% Gateway Charge.

You can use the Money in your Wallet in the following Ways:

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Load2Earn Income Programme

If you need further assistance, speak with our Support Staff now.