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Best Residual Income Guide. Slap me really hot if a day goes by and I fail to make transfers of Residual Income from my Business Account to my various e-wallets. Obviously, this is a Culture to me. 2018 was bloody; I could go a week without a single Credit Alert;
McBoro ICT Academy brings you her 1 month intensive Computer Training in the following areas; General Computer Appreciation Word Processing Data Processing Graphics Design and Lots more. There are other available courses in the Academy which include but not limited to; Advanced Graphics Design Website Design Programming Android App Development
Few hours ago, a vacation Judge of the Federal High Court, Abuja, Justice Nkeoye Maha issued an order, declaring the activities of Shia Islam (Shiites) in any part of Nigeria as “Acts of terrorism and Illegality”. Recall that, Shiites’ Leader and Founder of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was arrested
Just yesterday, it was ended with colourful hues… The Ibom Solar Entrepreneurship Workshop which was organised by Everyman IT Solutions last week in Eket, Akwa Ibom is the kind of programme that should receive unreserved support from the government and individuals who are interested in the growth of the renewable
Northern Nigeria is devastated, and the most disadvantaged Region in Nigeria. Liberation of Almajiri Children: The Journey I went on Community Outreach yesterday with other Corps Members to some Rural Areas in the North to spend time with the kids and kinsmen, then offer them some relief materials.  Unfortunately, our